cuteNMR is a multi platform NMR processing application. Its source code is published under the GNU General Public License, which makes the application free to use for everyone.

The program is written in C++ and uses the Qt framework to ensure platform independence. Therefore it should run on every operating system the Qt framework itself is running on. This is especially the case for Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux distributions.

The application is still in the development stage and not free of bugs, so it is not advisable to use it in a production environment. But nonetheless, I consider it stable enough to be used for occasional processing tasks. The most basic processing features are included:

  • Import of Bruker and Varian data
  • Live apodization using a multitude of window functions (you see the result immediately)
  • Manual phase correction
  • Baseline correction (automatic and manual)
  • Referencing of the chemical shift scale
  • Peak picking
  • Integration
  • Measuring distances (e.g. for coupling constants)
  • Exporting of the plot in various formats (svg, pdf, jpg, png, ASCII value file)
  • Saving the current document as cuteNMR file
  • Customization of the plot (colors, fonts)
  • Fast access to the most important functions by shortcuts (see “Help->Quick shortcut reference…”)

Because this project is a leisure-time hobby and I am not a professional coder (I am chemistry student, actually) I would be very pleased if there was someone to help me. The optimal solution would be a community that is responsible for maintaining this application. Please contact me if you are interested to contribute.